Selected Essays

Selected Essays, Interviews and Commentary:

Micheal O’Siadhail: Mary O’Donnell: The Arc of a Life, a response to six collections, Studies, Summer 2014, Volume 103, No. 410.

Villar-Argáiz, Pilar. "Gathering 'Word-Hoards' into 'Noah's Ark': The Poetry of Mary O'Donnell chapter from The Poetry and Prose of Mary O'Donnell , Ed. Elena Jaime de Pablos.   Forthcoming, 2012.

Palabras extremas: Escritoras gallegas e irlandesas de hoy, ed Manuela Palacios González, Helena González Fernández (Netbiblo, 2008)

“At the Heart of Maternal Darkness”: Infanticidal Wish in the Poetry of Mary O’Donnell and Eavan Boland, by Laura Lojo, Nordic Irish Studies, Volume 7,  2008, eds. Michael Böss and Irene Gilsenan Nordin.

Otra Irlanda: La estética postnacionalista de poetas y artistas irlandesas contemporáneas (Universidad de Oviedo, 2000);

Luz Mar González Arias: Cuerpo, mito y teoría feminista: re/visions de EVA en autoras irlandesas contemporáneas (Universidad de Oviedo, 1997);

Post/Imperial Encounters, Anglo-Hispanic Cultural Relations, ed. Juan E. Tazón Salces and Isabel Carrera Suárez (Editions Rodopi, Amsterdam, 2005);

Uncanny Families: Neo-Gothic Motifs and the Theme of Social Change in Contemporary Irish Women’s Fiction: Dr. Anne Fogarty, Irish University Review, Spring/Summer 2000.

En Santiago de Compostela con Mary O’Donnell, Manuela Palacios, Boletín Galego de Literatura, No. 38, 2007

“Irish Women Writers Speak Out, Voices from the Field”, Caitriona Moloney & Dr. Helen Thompson, Foreword by Ann Owens Weekes (University of Syracuse Press, Spring 2003);

Luz Mar González-Arias: Anorexia Nervosa and a Poetics of Dissidence in Ireland: Mary O'Donnell's "Reading the Sunflowers in September", from "A Garland of Words", editors Munira H. Mutran, Laura P.Z. Izarra, Beatriz Kopschitz X. Bastros. Humanitas, 2010.

Selected Essays by Mary O'Donnell

From: Creation, Publishing, and Criticism, the Advance of Women’s Writing: “Irish Women’s Drama: Questions of Response and Location”, eds María Xésus Nogueira, Laura Lojo, and Manuela Palacios, (Peter Lang, 2010).

From Writing Bonds, Irish and Galician Contemporary Women Poets: ‘The Journey from Imagination into Print: an overview of Irish Women’s Writing, 1980-2006’, eds Manuela Palacios and Laura Lojo (Peter Lang, 2009). This paper was also delivered during  the A literatura en feminino/masculino, University of Santiago de Compostela, Summer Conference, in July 2006.

From Musics of Belonging, Carysford Press, 2007: “Micheal O’Siadhail, European Poet”.

From Irish University Review, Special Issue, 1994 – Eavan Boland: In Her Own Image: An Assertion that Myths are made by Men, by the Poet in Transition.
This essay is excerpted in the Eavan Boland Sourcebook, editor Jody Allen Randolph, 2006.

Rough Hands and a Sick Culture’: The Irish Writer and Cultural Tourism; Irish University Review, Autum/Winter 1995

July 1994: Lecture for the James Joyce Summer School: 'Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion … 'the writer, imagination and Joyce,''

Autumn 1993: “O Magnificent Why!” Essay/Foreword to Spatial Nosing, New and Selected Poems by Eithne Strong (Salmon Poetry, 1993).

1992, Mary O'Donnell received an Arts Council Bursary in Literature.
She was the Irish recipient of the 'Suspended Sentence' Residency to Australia and a participant at the Sydney International Writers' Festival and the Bloomsday celebrations in Beijing in May/June 2001.